At Elevated Title, we proudly offer an innovative solution to all of your real estate closing and title insurance woes. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, our team works hard to ensure that you close as quickly as possible. Though we mostly hate to brag, we know we are the better option. The way we see it, our team brings to the table the most up-to-date closing services and options along with a streamlined process. Our excellent service and communication make it so you are constantly on track and informed from beginning to end.

We proudly offer:

  • Custom Encompass or LOS integration to each lender we work with
  • An innovative real-time closing app called “Close Happy”
  • A streamlined and centralized closing process
  • Centralized processing by the same team in every state
  • Service to 48 states and uniform fees throughout
  • A wide variety of closing options, including eClosings

Your time is valuable, and we know you have better things to do than to sign a stack of papers the size of a phone book. So partner with a national title company that’s experienced, cutting-edge, and that knows all the details. Unlike the competition, we let you close titles when and where you want. We know your time matters, and we won’t waste it. Use the Close Happy® app to make sure that everything gets done on your schedule, so you can live your life.

What makes us different?

  • A platform built around the needs of national lenders
  • Our centralized team, centralized locations, and uniform fees
  • A tech-based and customer-driven business model
  • Our real-time closing app
  • Custom LOS and Encompass integration
  • eClosing, hybrid, mobile, and traditional closing options
  • 48 state coverage for purchase and refinance

Our team takes immense pride in providing exemplary customer service. We are always here for you if and when you need us. Ready to get started? We’re ready to help. Call us today. We look forward to making your closing process easier.