In our title services blogs, we will dive into each of the ways in which a national title company like Close Happy® by Elevated Title™ can serve you for any of your title needs. From simple title ordering to full-service closing options, abstracts, clearings, insurance binders, scheduling, payoffs, disbursements, and a whole lot more, Elevated Title™ does it all. Our goal is to handle every aspect of the title and closing process for you in one convenient app — connecting you to all of the people and resources you need.

  1. Fintech’s New Role In Title Insurance Companies

    Fintech is a relatively new area of technological advancement that has been stirring up and disrupting markets all across the financial industry over the past decade, starting with online banking and now transitioning into the world of title insurance and other title services. For a long period of t…Read More

  2. Signs You’re Ready To Switch From Renting To Owning A Home

    If you’ve been renting a home for years now and are tired of moving from place to place within the same city — along with giving 30% of your income to your landlord — then this blog is for you. While renting an apartment for the majority of your life is most certainly an option, many people to…Read More

  3. Advantages of E-Closings

    In today’s world, technology is changing how we go about everything — from how we communicate, to the way we trade goods and services, and even how we purchase homes. E-closings are revolutionizing the ways in which potential homeowners approach the sometimes overwhelming real estate closing pro…Read More