Here at Close Happy®, we know that switching escrow and title closing relationships can be a painful endeavor.

To be completely honest, though, the relationship isn’t with the title company, but with the specific closer — your closer that you depended on for so long to manage your files and get them closed on time. They know your workflow inside and out and your communication preferences unlike everyone else in the title company.


With that being said, it’s time to move on to a national title company that can provide you what your old closer can’t — truly simple title closing.

Here at Close Happy® by Elevated Title™, our team is made up of closing coordinators and escrow officers that have years of experience working alongside local clients, just like you and your old closer, and we have determined all of the common closing pain points and addressed them. Our real estate closing clients enjoy the perks of access to closing coordinators with decades of title and escrow expertise, but in an updated format that allows for a consistent, replicable process for success.


Why Move On To A National Title Company?


While your local title and real estate closer may have a great relationship with you, we know that too often they become overburdened by the multitude of tasks they have to perform in a punctual manner for each of their clients. Their poor soul tries to juggle countless priorities at once and avoid dropping the ball on a daily basis.


We understood the need for a better organizational structure within the world of real estate closing, which is why we founded our national title company that focuses on e-closing options — allowing for a more streamlined process that reduces headaches for both you and your closer.


One of the many perks of our title closing process is that it allows closing coordinators the ability to more easily communicate with buyers and sellers — guiding them through the buying and selling process.


Having streamlined communication also means less unnecessary communication during the real estate closing process. This means no more of those games of phone or email tag in desperate attempts to have the “Where do we stand?” conversation. With Close Happy®, you always know exactly where you are in the title closing process without having to ask, but you always can if you desire!

Common Closing Pain Points


Your Closer Is Out Of Town

With a national title company, having a closer out of town is not detrimental to your closing process. We have a consistent workflow across our organization where any title closer can continue forward with your title closing process while your other closer is away and answer any questions you may have.


Your Closer Moves To A New Company

With your local closer, if they decide to switch to a new title closing company, your closing process can be disrupted. With a national title company like Close Happy®, your workflow, documents, and communication preferences all remain within our system so that any of our other experienced closing officers can continue right where the previous left off, and your excellent, personalized service remains intact.


You Switch Escrow Companies

No matter where you switch your escrow account management to, we conform to your preferences. Do you prefer to have certain documents and emails go to your buyer specialist, listing specialist, or transaction coordinator? Do you only wish to be included in particular correspondences? Through our national title company, you customize your title closing preferences to best fit you and your specific wants and needs.


Interested in learning more about what our national title company can do for you?

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We’ll even give you tips for having the dreaded breakup conversation with your current local title closing agent.