Why choose to partner with a national title company for handling all of your title services?

Here at Close Happy®, we can think of a few perks.

Whether it’s for the expertise or the multitude of available resources at your disposal, a national title company makes finding titles and closing them easier than ever before. So keep reading to learn more about how breaking up with your old closer and switching to working with a national title company can make closing happy easier than ever.

Whether you’re a lender, broker, borrower, or realtor, the following are just a few benefits you can receive from having all of your title services handled through Close Happy® by Elevated Title™ — a national title company with cutting-edge technology.

Hassle-Free Title Ordering

Unlike other title companies, when a title order is placed in any state with a national title company like Elevated Title™, the order is placed in a centralized location. Your title can be completed with a commitment and a clearance to close in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Take Your Business With You Anywhere

As a lender or broker, when you work with a national title company, this means you don’t have to start fresh with a new company or agent whenever you move to a new location or work with a property outside of your region. With our centralized processing method, we offer our full scope of title services nationally and assist with loan closings throughout 48 states — all from a centralized location.

Loan officers — you can close loans all across the country by utilizing the same title team for every closing in every state. We also ensure uniform closing fees and pricing for both purchasing and refinancing, no matter which state your closings are in.

Simple, Efficient Real Estate Closing

With Close Happy® and Elevated Title™, you can avoid having to constantly jump through hoops by reaching out to multiple regional or state offices. With our national title company, we provide you with one reliable point of contact in a centralized location for every stage of the title process for more simplified communication and an efficient closing process —  no matter what state your title or real estate closing takes place.

As a national title company, we have three offices in strategically placed locations for handling title closings in different time zones. So no matter where you, your client, and your property are located, you will have one reliable point of contact to guide you through each of your transactions from beginning to end.

Unparallelled Expertise

Real estate laws are tricky and constantly changing, but a national title company has experts that know the ins and outs of real estate law for every state. Through years of experience, our title professionals have gathered abundant knowledge—allowing them to provide you with quick assistance for any sort of closing transaction.

Flexible Real Estate Closing Options

Brokers — with a national title company, you have access to a variety of closing options for every type of client. No matter which option you choose, we will allow you to close when and where you want!

Gain a Reputation For Reliability, Efficiency, and Compliance to Standards

As a lender or broker, working with a national title company means that you will have a much less difficult time with compliance in the long run because of a team helping keep you on track.

This is because our national title company stays on the front end of the ever-evolving world that is real estate law. You no longer will have to fret at the idea of missing some news in the title insurance and real estate closing industry, because we’ve got you covered!

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