Selling A Home On Your Own? We Can Help You Sell And Close!

Here at Elevated Title™, we know that selling a home on your own has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. We’re here to tell you that the choice you have made is, in fact, a wise one.

Advantages of Selling A Home On Your Own

Sell Your Home Faster

How is this possible without the realtor wizardry you might ask?

Selling a home on your own allows you to bypass the additional price of real estate commissions on top of your home’s price, which typically range from five to seven percent of your home’s value appraisal. This allows you to sell your home at a lower price point, making it more appealing for a quicker offer. You could also even sell it for the same price as you would have with the realtor’s help and keep that additional profit on top for putting into your new home!

You can also sell your home faster because who knows more about your property than you do?

Prospective buyers can ask a myriad of questions during an open house to which they can receive immediate, thorough answers from the expert on the home  — you.

Remain In Control

When you choose to conduct a private home sale, you get to decide the price of your home, when it’s available for showings, when you want to put it on the market, when to take it off the market, and everything in between. You also withhold the power to decide who gets to be the owner of your new home by screening potential buyers.

You probably already knew most of this, though, or you would not have begun this “for sale by owner” venture in the first place.

What you might not have known? Another surprising advantage of selling a home on your own is that you have the freedom to choose the title agency through which you close your home. Using a title company is essential to private home sales as it not only ensures that your title closing goes smoothly, but it also safeguards your transaction.

What Does A Title Company Do?

If you are new to the world of private home selling and have never quite understood the title company’s role entirely in the home selling process, the two biggest contributions to know are that your title company conducts the title search and then provides the title insurance.

Other Title Services

Closing Facilitation

Your title company hosts and facilitates the closing of your home on neutral ground. Overall, your title company is an impartial service provider, helping both the buyer and the seller to have a smooth and efficient closing process by guiding you both through each phase of transactions.

Documentation Filing

Your title company files all of the closing documents, whether digital or hard copy, with the appropriate government corporations and also ensures that you, the buyer, as well as the seller and lenders all receive copies of essential documents.

Escrow and Notary Services

Your title agent can also act as an escrow agent, holding earnest money and dispersing the funds when necessary. They can also provide notary services for document completion.

As a private home seller, you have the freedom to choose your own title company. This can be quite a daunting process if you are unsure of the specific characteristics and capabilities that you desire from your title company in the selling of your home.

As a national title company, Elevated Title™ provides a multitude of advantages that we offer to you as you sell a home on your own that local title companies can’t match. The following is a brief synopsis of what perks our national title company has to offer.

Our National Title Company Help You Sell Your Home

Hassle-Free Title Ordering

Unlike other title companies, when a title order is placed with a national title company like Elevated Title™ from any state, the order is placed in a centralized location. Your title can be completed with a commitment and a clearance to close in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Simple, Efficient Real Estate Closings

We provide home sellers with one reliable point of contact from a centralized location for every stage of the title process for simplified communication and an efficient closing process —  no matter which state you’re selling your home in.

Close From Anywhere

Even if you’ve moved across the country and are selling your old home, you can skip the flight back and simply close your old house from the comfort of your new one. With our national title company, loan officers can close loans all across the country.

Real Estate Experience Without The Realtor

With us, you get the experience of local real estate experts without paying one commision on your home sale. Real estate laws are complex and always changing, but a national title company has experts that know the ins and outs of real estate law for each state.

Flexible Closing Options

Choose from a traditional closing, a full-on Eclosing through the CloseHappy® app, or a hybrid of the two:

Traditional Real Estate Closing

This is the classic paper and pen method of home closing. It requires a notary to be present and can take over an hour. We even allow you to choose when and where you want your closing to be!

Hybrid E-Closing

With a hybrid closing, only a portion of the documents are signed electronically. Key documents like promissory notes and security instruments are printed and signed while other closing documents are signed electronically via phone, tablet, or a desktop browser using our Close Happy® app. A notary is still required for some documents.


The entire closing process is done digitally through our Close Happy® app. In some cases where allowed, a notary is not required for any documentation. E-closings also give new buyers the opportunity for an eMortgage.


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